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PREMIERE: Ukrainian rapper Roman Stark demands to be seen on “Visible Side”

Visible Roman Stark Artwork (1)

It was in 2012, when then-student Roman Stark popped on a Soundcloud beat his friend had posted to Facebook, and for the first time, reached for a note-book and a pen.  An immigrant from Ukraine, Stark channels the stories of his country, and his new home of NYC, on the brand new single “Visible Side”. It has been a few years since Stark arrived to JFK Airport with $300 in his pocket, and everyday has been a reminder that the American Dream is earned with sweat and determination.

He says about “Visible Side”:

“On the streets of NYC we pass by thousands of people, and each one has a unique story to share. Some stories are told proudly, others with regret or shame. I’m blessed to have a gift to do it in a poetic way.”

New single out via Vents Mag: http://ventsmagazine.com/2017/09/08/premiere-ukrainian-rapper-roman-stark-demands-to-be-seen-on-visible-side/

Roman Stark Online: