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Kelvin Frazier Ph.D. premiered his music video for “Marked and Scarred” via VENTS Magazine

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VENTS Alumni Kelvin Frazier, Ph. D. is back on our site with an exclusive premiere for the video of his very touching, 90s R&B infused single “Marked and Scarred”. The song is about the loss of love, and how it can be prudent to remember the fond memories as opposed to the bad ones, in order to move forward.  Carried entirely by his full-bodied vocals, this track serves as the perfect sample of Frazier‘s R&B sound. The video follows these themes in a very cinematic way as we follow Kelvin dealing with a complicated relationship that wraps up in an unexpected way.
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Christopher Young premiered his single, “Mercer Island,” via Celebmix

Christopher Young - Press Shot - Sitting - White Shoes

Christopher Young is a fast rising LA based singer/songwriter who gained mass critical acclaim with the release of his debut single ‘Go’. Now the talented vocalist is back with his brand new single ‘Mercer Island’.

Young first found fame eight years ago as part of the band New Heights but after years of touring and making music as part of a group Young decided that in 2015 it was time to launch a solo career. Things had come to an end naturally with New Heights and all members decided that it was time to call a day on the group as they wanted to pursue their own careers.

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Bartly premiered his single for “The Medium Is The Message,” via New Noise Magazine

Bartly M is M

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Bartly’s new song “The Medium Is The Message”. Bartly is working on an animated video for “The Medium is The Message,” that will be directed, animated and edited entirely by Bartly. Stay tuned for that.

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Indie Folk artist, Sierra Blanca, premieres his video, “Book” on Live on Limbo ahead of his EP due out 11/10.

Bear (1) (1)

From The Artist : “”Book” was the last song I wrote for the EP. I don’t usually write with much of a political theme, but it’s somewhat present in the song. It comes from the feeling of disappointment and anger with leadership in government regarding social and racial injustice, putting greed over the well being of the people and our environment, and just how things in the U.S. are going in general. I wanted to make this video about the polar opposite of those ideals. I wanted to make it about friendship, the beauty of nature and the human experience. So a bunch of friends and I went out in the woods in one of Tennessee’s beautiful state parks to enjoy the scenery, hang out and film this video.” -Jethro Gaglione