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Soak up the sun in Mleo’s fun new music video for “Echo” which premiered today with Idobi. Be sure to listen to the rest of their EP ‘Mleopolitan’

MLEOphotoshoot-153 copy (1)

We’re bringing you Mleo’s new video for “Echo” and it’s painting the feeling of summer with a golden nostalgia. The song’s dreamy 90s vibe bleeds into the video, complete with retro film. Vocalist Audrey Reed explains the vibe of “Echo”:

“Filming the music video on our own with a Super 8 brought our overlooked moments into a different decade and helped us to appreciate the simplest memories as both a band and close friends.”

Mleo are living their best lives in “Echo”; with each new visual you’ll wanna befriend the Cali band and shoot their next roll of film. Dive into their memories below and forget about the world for a few moments—you’ll come back to earth with a smile on your face and a new tune stuck in your head. If you love what you hear below, you can pick up their Mleopolitan EP now!





Rock n rollers, Down and Outlaws, release their cinematic video, “Imposter” via idobi Radio.

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Down and Outlaws are anything but down and out. The San Francisco quartet has been making their name with appearances on late night TV (Last Call with Carson Daly), video game soundtracks (Watch Dogs 2), and storied local fests (Outside Lands Festival).

The band is writing the next chapter in their book of rock and roll with “Imposter”, and we have the exclusive first look at the video. Check it out, then find what Down and Outlaws had to say about their new release below.

Named for the trans-dimensional being that transmits inspiration, Gus McArthur, release the new video, “The Calling,” on Tattoo.com.


Metal/hard rock trio, Gus McArthur, has released the video, “The Calling” ahead of their forthcoming EP, Chapter 2: Fanatics, due out 12/8/17 and the second installment in a larger “book” of EP’s.

We really stretched ourselves musically for “The Calling”, we wanted to create something we had never come close to before as well as achieve the message Gus had sent. The song pulls influence from Rammstein, RATM and even NIN/Trent Reznor. We utilized synth layers built off of an old Korg, complimented by the Kemper audio profiling amp; which allowed us to achieve the unique guitar tone we had been searching for. This has become one of our crowd favorites live and only gets more fun to play every time, we hope you have received the message from Gus; the time to gather is now! -Gordon Allen








Metal/hard rock project, Ascending Dawn, debuts their lyric video, “Inside the Silence” on Tattoo.com!

m8d (1) (1)

‘Inside The Silence’ is a convoluted, complex and layered way of describing internal turmoil. The confusion that reigns, the guilt and the unknown feelings that take you over. Being female can be hard and misunderstood. A lot of the almost nonsensical use of words is deliberate. Because those varied feelings can make no sense. The video heavily features footage from a couple of short films in which I was an an actor.. and the mood was ideal for the tone of the song. Things break, fall, blend and transform, with minimal colour. ‘Inside The Silence’ is our most prog song, and the use of low end vocal with high harmonies was a way of showing both the dark and light side in its extremities. As with all our songs, I never wanted to leave hope out of the equation. So it is there; hidden, but there. – Marlain Angelides (vocalist)








Prog-rock project, Orissa, blows away the editors at The Aquarian with the new album Resurrection!

DSC_2370 (2)

A really good prog-rock band from New York City came across my desk a couple of weeks ago by way of a press release, so I gave the Soundcloud link for their new CD, Resurrection, a quick listen. The name of the band is Orissa and they blew me away. The thing I love about prog-rock bands is that these are some technically skilled musicians and it shows in their songwriting. The title track from the CD along with a song called “Tara” and “Shades of Grey,” really tickled by fancy. These songs were killer!