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Watch Bartly’s brand new video for his single “The Medium Is The Message” which premiered on Pure Grain Audio today!

Bartly Personal 1
We’re privileged to debut the music video and new single, “The Medium is The Message”, from the extraordinary musician and composer Bart Hendrickson, aka Bartly. Why should you care? Well, other than the fact that the song is just awesome, Bartly is a composer, songwriter, artist and producer with a storied career have written music with and/or for, to name just a few, artists such as Hans ZimmerGrammywinning band TrainTarja TurunenAlice Cooper. Not to mentioned arranged and programmed music for KornGood CharlotteHollywood Undead, and Trapt plus a ridiculous amount of movies and television like Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2.
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Alt/power rock trio, Noiseheads drop their new track, “72” on idobi radio

NHs 4 (1)

With a band name like Noiseheads, a song title like “’72”, and an album called Sitcoms For Aliens, out on January 5th, it’s pretty clear that you’re getting into some 90’s inspired jams. The Florida based alternative rock band delivers.

On their latest song, “’72”, they showcase what all the elements of their promising and dynamic sound can do. Check out our exclusive premiere of the track below, then watch out for more from the killer trio.


R&B-infused, reggae songstress, Leilani Wolfgramm, drops her new track “Live Wire” to rave reviews from LADYGUNN!


At once seductive and foreboding, Wolfgramm amplifies the dark side of the postmodern condition which many pop artists tend to either ignore or indulge: The obsessive, anxious narcissism which renders us all slaves to external validation. With a sultry voice that notably intensifies with each refrain of “I can’t hold this smile much longer,” “Live Wire” turns a critical eye on the perils of a culture where we continually chase the dragon of artifice and public approval, numb to the agony of it all, until we ultimately implode.

Alt pop band, Foreign Figures, drop their heartfelt tribute, “Hey Love” on Live in Limbo.


From the Artist : ‘Hey Love is a song about feeling forsaken and forgotten by love. The performance in the music video is a tribute to Landon Lowry, a dear friend of the band who took his life due to a lack of self love.’