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Jen Hirsh’s song ‘Faster’ for download on MTV site

Do you watch Teen Mom? Is it a guilty pleasure? We have had quite a few MTV placements in the past and whats GREAT about MTV placements is that the songs are available for download on the MTV website! If you were able to catch last night’s episode, you’ll notice that when Jenelle, Keiffer, and Marissa arrive at the courthouse (can you say baby mama drama?) – Jen Hirsh’s song ‘Faster’ is playing. Here is the clip and link to the site where you can download!



Sami The Great on Metromix

“Sami the Great is totally adorable, and we’re not just saying that because of her pixie ‘do and what is apparently a very large collection of vintage babydoll dresses. Musically, she’s like the anti-Lana del Rey…”

Alec Gross is Interviewed for The Deli Magazine

Alec Gross, cinematic americana artist was interviewed by Mike Levine for a feature in The Deli Magazine, one of New York’s most touted tastemaker blogs!

In this feature, Alec is asked about the concept behind his album ‘Strip The Lanterns’ that was released last year, the songwriting process, and the difference between the studio and live shows.

Alec Gross releases “Strip The Lanterns”

“Strip The Lanterns” realizes singer-songwriter Alec Gross’ visions of a new Americana– a musical soundscape that moves beyond the typical acoustic guitars and plaintive vocals, and is augmented by unexpected blasts of raw, Stax-era R&B– to paint visual, even cinematic scenes of a somewhere USA that is at once familiar, but ultimately troubled. Check out the video below…