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In a word: Fresh

Aquarian Weekly recently gave a GLOWING review for the PushMethod album slated for release on 4/10. Whats REALLY exciting is that the video that corresponds with the release is easily one of the creepiest, scariest, pee my pants because faceless people and bats are taking over the world in an apocalyptic frenzy and that also comes out on 4/10.

I’m pasting not only the review but a shot of the scary and politically relevant video as a teaser



ArtistDirect Thinks that the Pine Hollows are COOLER than you!

Amy says that the Pine Hollows are cooler than you. Which honestly made me feel a little bad since they are almost 10 years younger than me (they are so young they can’t even get into the bars they play at!!). But I had to face the hard truth- yeah the Pine Hollows are pretty cooler and are most likely cooler than me.

That said, you should go to their show on Saturday and watch these kids put you to shame in the coolness department.