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Grey Reverend’s “My Hands,” on NPR


NPR has chosen Grey Reverend’s “My Hands,” as a track they can’t stop playing, and placed the tune on their Heavy Rotation playlist! Of the new album A Hero’s Lie NPR’s Daoud Tyler-Ameen says “The swells of strings and percussion that embellish this album’s wordless moments rarely stick around for long — but, like the brief flash of a meteor on an already stunningly starry night, they can make mere beauty feel like magic.” Listen here!


Grab a Free Track from Coastgaard at Diffuser.fm!


Not ready to say goodbye to the Summer? Have we got the track for you. Download the newest single from Brooklyn indie rockers Coastgaard at Diffuser.fm today! Of the quintet, Diffuser says “Their new take on surf-rock features plenty of pretty harmonies, melodies and jangly guitar to keep you in a summer state of mind well into October. ” Get “Beach 3 (Ocean Blue)” HERE!

The Broadcast Listening Party!


The Broadcast’s ground-shaking, soul rock album “Dodge the Arrow,” has dropped today, and you can join the listening party exclusively on Artist Direct! Fans of classic acts like Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, or Led Zeppelin – this one’s for you. Stream HERE!