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Seasonal Beast releases their third single “Ungovernable” one week before their album ‘Muscle Memory’ comes out! B

Seasonal Beast Press photo July 17 523A1437 (1)

It’s been a long week, but now it’s time to unwind and take a moment before the world starts up again. Seasonal Beast has got you, babe. Today’s premiere of “Ungovernable” has a quiet strength to it, powered by chilled out indie pop beats and lazy guitar to wash away any troubles you might have had. Yuval Semo (keys) was heavily inspired by Radiohead when writing this record, and it shows: “Ungovernable” has a powerful undercurrent that moves you and the composition is simply beautiful.




Stellina premiered her debut single “EXTRA SUNNY” on Milk.


Get ready for your glow up—Stellina is here with a new reason to smile, and it’s two words (in all caps, of course): “EXTRA SUNNY”. Playing with “stereotypes about casual sex,” the singer narrates the tale of a girl-guy friends with benefits situation that ends with the girl coming up trumps—and we love it. Ethereal in an almost trippy way, “EXTRA SUNNY” is lyrically fun AF and reminiscent of reggae—with a genre-bending twist.

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Prog/metal project, Ascending Dawn, premeires “Cannonball” on Metal Injection, ahead of the album Coalesce, due out 12/1!

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Ambient Prog-metal band, Ascending Dawn, are gearing up for the release of their upcoming album, Coalesce, on December 1st. We’re stoked to bring you the premiere of the album’s leading single, “Cannonball”, a track mixed with fierce prog riffage and majestic melodies from the beautiful voice of vocalist, Marlain Angelides. It’s a perfect melting pot of signature details that creates a refreshing new outlook on the djent-style bands of the past several years.







Emanuel Harrold had his guest blog with Soundfly’s: Flypaper.

Emanuel Press Shot - B&W Cloesup

“Recognizing Jazz Idioms in Modern-Day Rhythms.”
“As I go out and listen to new music on a daily basis, I can’t help but hear the nuances of jazz music in everyday moments. Sometimes, it’s the syncopation and spacing of sounds, other times, it’s the rhythms. And, sure, I’m a jazz drummer, so I’m biased, but it’s true that jazz drumming has influenced how we use the drum kit and combine various drum sounds into coherence today. So, it’s important to reflect on those origins. ” –  Emanuel Harrold
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Melody Reyne just premiered her single, “With You,” via Singer’s Room!

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“The offering should give listeners an exhilarating feeling as the Indianapolis, Indiana-born, LA-based songstress vocally deliver harmonically-rich melodies, perfect for the cuffin’ season.” 
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