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Our Team


Meijin Bruttomesso

Senior Publicist
Hometown: Agoura, California...Totally Valley.

Currently Lives In: Clinton Hill, No Sleep til Brooklyn

Favorite Pastime: It's a tie between rockin' out and workin' out!

Favorite Success Story: I'd rank putting together some shows for out-of-town bands, making their New York dreams somewhat of a reality, on the same level as winning first place at the science fair in high school.

Personal Hereos: The Rolling Stones, Brandon Boyd, and Johnny Depp.

Want To Be Remembered As: The one, the only, the best "rocker stalker."

Annjelica Houston

Hometown: Los Angeles

Currently lives in: Los Angeles

Favorite Pastime: Long distance running, reading, lip syncing in the car and being bossed around by my chihuahua, Sasha Fierce.

Favorite Food: Anything spicy and or savory!

Favorite Success Story: J.K Rowling; she made me believe in magic.

Personal Heroes: My mother, my father and Anita Baker.

I want to be remembered as: A loving, passionate and kind person with great taste in music.

Favorite Quote: “Always learn poems by heart. They have to become the marrow in your bones. Like fluoride in the water, they'll make your soul impervious to the world's soft decay.” - Janet Fitch

Evan Griffith

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Currently lives in: Manhattan, NY

Favorite Pastime: Producing new music!

Favorite Food: Popcorn

Favorite Success Story: Placed a new artist for a live taped studio performance on an NBC station

Personal Heroes: Clive Davis, Simon Cowell

I want to be remembered as: Someone who enables artists to achieve their dreams

Favorite Quote: "If music be the food of love, play on!" -Shakespeare

Samantha Alaimo

Hometown: Born in NY & grew up in Coral Springs, FL

Currently lives in: New York, NY

Favorite Pastime: Concerts, concerts, & more concerts

Favorite Food: Everything that's horrible for you

Favorite Success Story: Getting into an SNL taping with 3 of my friends.....on standby.....on my first try

Personal Heroes: My dad

I want to be remembered as: The girl who lived her life by the phrase YOLO

Favorite Quote: "It goes down in the DM" - Yo Gotti

Adriana Sepulveda

Hometown: Houston, TX

Currently lives in: Bushwick

Favorite Pastime: Craft markets and food markets
Favorite Food: Snacks!!

Especially chips and chocolate covered almonds

Favorite Success Story: Moving to/living in London for six months

Personal Heroes: Anyone who follows their passion/dreams

I want to be remembered as: A nice, thoughtful person who didn't stop until she found her place

Favorite Quote: "Are you two twins?" -people when they see my twin and me together

Jenny Hossain

Hometown: Queens, NY

Currently lives in: Queens, NY

Favorite Pastime: Going to amusement parks, beach boardwalks, and carnivals.

Favorite Food: TACOS + BURRITOS

Favorite Success Story: Work related- getting a Billboard premiere and a NY Times review. personal- becoming a confident public speaker.

Personal Heroes: Amy Poehler + Tina Fey

I want to be remembered as: a powerhouse

Favorite Quote: "Huge turn on: When people smell good and are hot. Sometimes spicy. Wrapped in tinfoil. Are actually burritos.” actual favorite quote… “What do you do when your foundation falls apart? I don’t know, they don’t teach you that in school.” - Stevo, SLC PUNK