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Metal outfit, Ovtlier, debut their EP, What Doesn’t Kill You, via Loudwire! Make sure to grab a copy and stream it everywhere tomorrow!


It’s time to stand up and take notice of Ovtlier. The band will release their debut EP What Doesn’t Kill You tomorrow (Dec. 8), but they’re giving Loudwire’s readers a preview with an exclusive advance EP stream.

The Rochester, N.Y. outfit started off as a one-man project in the summer of 2014, but has grown to a five-piece outfit featuring vocalist Joey Arena, guitarists Paul Milne and Joe Syracusa, bassist Cosmo Pusateri and drummer Joey Lana. Their debut disc is pulsing with heaviness, with a booming low end and a mix of fist-to-the-air anthems and driving rockers. Highlights include the electronically-tinged opener “Your Disease,” the triumphant “Set the World in Flames,” the crushing “Vice” and the hard-hitting “Buried Me Alive.”