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Indie folk artist, Sierra Blanca, drops his new track, “Beds” via Groundsounds, ahead of his new EP, Honorable Mention, due out 11/10!


Nashville/El Paso based indie folk artist Jethro Gaglione, aka Sierra Blanca, is a self-taugh multi-instrumentalist, who began playing music as part of the worship group for his parents’ missionary team in Mexico. He’s gearing up to release a new EP Honorable Mention on November 10. We are excited to premiere his new track “Beds” today. The powerful song showcases beautiful vocals and confident songwriting. It’s the perfect way to start the week!

Gaglione on the song:

“Beds was one of the first songs I wrote purely on acoustic guitar when I decided to play more solo shows. It was sort of a personal challenge to myself, because there’s something special, yet challenging, about being able to approach a crowd with the simplicity of one person with one instrument instead of a whole band. For the EP, I eventually added more parts to it, but kept it decently simple straight forward. It talks about defeat, and how it plays an important part of the human experience.”