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French jazz-folk musician Laure Z shared her charming new single “I Will Follow You” via Imperfect Fifth from her upcoming EP Girls Don’t Wait!


French jazz-pop musician Laure Z might reside in Los Angeles now, but she’s brought a wealth of knowledge over the pond from her years in music education. Right now, she’s preparing for the debut of her new EP, a 6 track work titled Girls Don’t Wait due out in November. But while things are going on behind the scenes, we’ve actually got the exclusive premiere of the next piece of that work, a song titled “I Will Follow You”. Whistling leads you into this soft, emotional release. Laure Z’s vocals seem to float effortlessly over the instrumentals, giving off the feeling that you’re in a garden, surrounded by brilliant landscape under a bed of twinkling stars. The song is a testament to love, inviting trust and acceptance into a relationship, spun blissfully together with simplistic and ethereal instrumentals.

Laure Z:
Imperfect Fifth: