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Joelina Drews talks reality TV past and moving forward with her new pop-future bass sound with Golden Mixtape


With her dad a reality show figure, it wasn’t surprising when Joelina Drews found herself in that same position a couple of years ago. She notes that being a part of Stepping Out was full of “amazing experiences” but wants to look ahead. “I want to focus more on my musical career rather than TV appearances.”

Which is exactly what she’s doing. The German-born pop songstress is stunning audiences with her debut single, “Skybar.” Inspired by a night out in LA, she opened up about how her new home inspires her. Joelina also lets us know what’s up next and even gave us a little Oktoberfest.

Joelina Socials:
Golden Mixtape:

Metal outfit, Ovtlier, debut their EP, What Doesn’t Kill You, via Loudwire! Make sure to grab a copy and stream it everywhere tomorrow!


It’s time to stand up and take notice of Ovtlier. The band will release their debut EP What Doesn’t Kill You tomorrow (Dec. 8), but they’re giving Loudwire’s readers a preview with an exclusive advance EP stream.

The Rochester, N.Y. outfit started off as a one-man project in the summer of 2014, but has grown to a five-piece outfit featuring vocalist Joey Arena, guitarists Paul Milne and Joe Syracusa, bassist Cosmo Pusateri and drummer Joey Lana. Their debut disc is pulsing with heaviness, with a booming low end and a mix of fist-to-the-air anthems and driving rockers. Highlights include the electronically-tinged opener “Your Disease,” the triumphant “Set the World in Flames,” the crushing “Vice” and the hard-hitting “Buried Me Alive.”

Liv Lombardi shares her beautiful new ‘Hazel & White’ video via The Advocate!


The video for “Hazel & White” stars singer-songwriter Liv Lombardi and Chicago-based actress Kelsey Shipley. The video roughly follows Lombardi’s experience sorting through a powerful connection with a woman she met while living in Santa Fe, N.M. “Hazel & White” is Lombardi’s re-creation of her personal experience with desire, lust, and a forbidden romance.


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EARMILK approves Cipherella’s new music video “Dumb Dumb.” “The visual captures the essence of hip-hop culture and airs out her frustrations with the dumbing down of everyday people.”

Cipherella takes it back to the 90s on her latest effort, paying homage to the culture with thoughtful lyrics, dance routines and a hard body backdrop to match. The song in question is titled “Dumb Dumb” and it pokes fun at individuals who are stuck with the sheep mentality, who try hard to keep up with the joneses and the likes.”Dumb Dumb” is the follow-up track to Cipherella’s previous video “Moments” and on this one she comes through with some thought provoking, yet playful and catchy lyrics. Despite having a boombap backdrop, she brings her all female crew to join in the fun with synchronised dance patterns and retro futuristic aesthetics to match.