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Metal outfit, Ovtlier, debut “Break” on Pure Grain Audio, ahead of their new EP, What Doesn’t Kill You, out next Friday!

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Rochester, NY’s fast-rising band, Ovtlier (pronounced: Outlier), have been turning heads with their brand of anthemic hard rock as found on their upcoming debut EP What Doesn’t Kill You, which drops on December 8th. Check out some more music via the premiere of new single “Break”, head over to iTunes as well, plus get further stoked on the Joey Arena-led band with the recently-released “Set The World In Flames” video below.

R&B artist Hadassah premieres the sultry and intoxicating new single, “He Said” exclusively via Singer’s Room!

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Backed by hard-hitting 808s and bright chords, coupled with smooth vocals, the singer/songwriter tells her tale of what lovers say in a relationship versus their actual actions.

He said that that I’m the one / He said he want this love,” she sings. “He said he love me / He said he wants this girl.”

“We’ve all been there. What he/ she said didn’t match up,” she says about the songs creative inspiration. “There’s no shame in it we’ve all been a fool for love once or twice. This song is something everyone can relate to.”

Singer’s Room:
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” Mason Ashley has found a way to tell a story with each of her songs that draws out the emotions and feelings of real people.”

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When I was presented with the new EP, Strangers, from 19-year old Mason Ashley, I was blown away by the maturity in her poetic and relatable lyrics. The second thing that caught my attention was her flawless, clear vocals that were enhanced by the tight, crisp production on each of the 6 tracks on Strangers. There is definitely an independent feel to the EP, but it is balanced out by production that gives it is modern, commercial feel that could vault Mason Ashley into the Top 40.

Writing songs that are heartfelt and real can be a challenge for some songwriters, but Mason Ashley has found a way to tell a story with each of her songs that draws out the emotions and feelings of real people. When talking about her process of writing the track, she finds something special about what she does. “The song is about using music to tell someone how you’re feeling,” Ashley mused about writing the song,”You Should Know”. “It’s about saying everything you never said to someone and knowing it won’t fix everything but there’s something so freeing about getting things off your chest and baring it all. The inspiration for this song actually came from someone writing a song for ME. Being a songwriter, I’m always the one writing about other people…it’s never the other way around. I started thinking about how crazy cool it is to be a songwriter and that my entire life and career is about telling stories and confessions.”


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Get “Ready For Love” with At The Moment’s brand new music video premiered Friday via AXS. While you’re shopping for the holidays be sure to pick up ‘In For A Ride’, the band’s latest release!

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In true celebration, indie-act musician At The Moment are celebrating the release of their newest album. The band have teamed up with AXS to premiere the video for their new single “Ready for Love.” Lead singer for At The Moment, Daniel Stampfel, tells AXS that he wrote “‘Ready For Love’ as a much more up-tempo song. I played a demo of the song for Steve Schiltz (Harvard of the South, Hurricane Bells) who produced our Monte Carlo EP.  Steve liked the song but recommended I change to tempo. I thought it was an interesting idea but at the time tabled the song.”

He explained further that after he wrote “‘In for a Ride,’ the title track off our new album, I revisited ‘Ready for Love’ with Steve’s suggestion in mind.  I liked the emotion that came through, the space and the intimacy on the vocal line at the beginning. To me, it’s a song about acceptance of where you have been, where you are and where you want to be and reconciling that without judgment.”




Prog/metal project, Orissa, debuts the full-album video stream of Resurrection, on Rebel Noise!


Progressive/cinematic rock project Orissa unveils its hypnotic, dynamic, and potent new album Resurrection.

David Dodini of Orissa; Photo courtesy of David Dodini

Progressive/cinematic rock project, Orissa, drops its hypnotic, dynamic, and potent new album Resurrection. Mixed by Sahaj Ticotin (RA, Meytal Cohen, Adekain, September Mourning) and mastered by Paul Logus (Stone Sour, Steel Panther, Shadows Fall), the LP showcases, “progressive metal that demonstrates remarkable mastery,” according to Codifiers.