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Hadassah exposes the “Pseudo” on new single. Listen now exclusively via EARMILK

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 1.41.53 PM

Brooklyn artist, Hadassah introduces us to her own unique brand of soul fused with jazz sensibilities. Her prowess is deliver an experiential story while fusing jazz, soul, and R&B on a minimalist backdrop. Her latest effort is a mellow, somewhat sombre track titled “Pseudo” which really encapsulate her vocal prowess under three minutes. Soothing yet mind gripping, “Pseudo” is a solid blend of jazzy and left field elements.

 After completing a Bachelor’s degree, she chose to return to her passions and commit to music entirely, releasing two EPs, ‘Lexicon of Love’, and ‘Lead Balloon’. Following her mother’s death, she delved deeper into her art and released her latest EP, ‘Oakmere Drive’, earlier this year. The EP is laced with nostalgic undertones, combining dark stories with beautiful musical aesthetics and imagery. True to her artistry, ‘Oakmere Drive’ is a play with duality, of light and dark, balancing heavy themes with minimalist vibes paralleled with a muted melancholic rhythm.

French jazz-folk musician Laure Z shared her charming new single “I Will Follow You” via Imperfect Fifth from her upcoming EP Girls Don’t Wait!


French jazz-pop musician Laure Z might reside in Los Angeles now, but she’s brought a wealth of knowledge over the pond from her years in music education. Right now, she’s preparing for the debut of her new EP, a 6 track work titled Girls Don’t Wait due out in November. But while things are going on behind the scenes, we’ve actually got the exclusive premiere of the next piece of that work, a song titled “I Will Follow You”. Whistling leads you into this soft, emotional release. Laure Z’s vocals seem to float effortlessly over the instrumentals, giving off the feeling that you’re in a garden, surrounded by brilliant landscape under a bed of twinkling stars. The song is a testament to love, inviting trust and acceptance into a relationship, spun blissfully together with simplistic and ethereal instrumentals.

Laure Z:
Imperfect Fifth:

Metal/progressive rock project, Orissa, tell us how the new album Ressurrection came to be and offer a first listen via New Noise Magazine!

DSC_2370 (1)
The mastermind behind Orissa, David Dodini, graduated with honors from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and completed his masters at the Biella Conservatory’s Scuola Niccolo Paganini in Biella, Italy. Orissa’s live band is a roster of NYC’s finest musicians from Trans Siberian Orchestra, Neal Morse Band, Stratospheerius, Book Of Mormon, Dyed In Grey, Haakons Fault, Emergence and Astronaut Down.




Chason & Shuba share their Scooby Doo themed music video for No Trust! Check it out here via Substream Magazine


The best songs are the ones that practically write themselves, just ask Chicago based producer Chason. His brand of pop blends just the right amount of nostalgia into the modern soundscape of the genre that it feels fresh and packed to the brim with soul. Take his new song “No Trust” for instance. The track features the damn near angelic vocals of Shuba for the first verse and split-duty on the chorus over a beat that feels like a modern spin on the 90’s brand of R&B that spilled over into the mainstream. This soulful sound pairs almost too well with the tale of millennial young love and jealousy on display throughout the whole of the track.






Eleanor Tallie just debuted her long-awaited single “Promised Land” today via Singers Room!

Eleanor Tallie

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Eleanor Tallie delivers a groove reminiscent of the late legend Teena Marie in the form of a new single called “Promised Land.” The seminal record was penned about a failed relationship, but Eleanor’s deep and layered approach gives various depictions including issues in America’s social and political climates.

“If the glove don’t fit the hand… why pretend you understand?” she strikes. “Afraid of a change… you might just find the promise land.”
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