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Year of October’s 3rd Studio Album has been posted on Grateful Web!

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Sweltering husband-wife duo (and a drummer!), Year Of October, are excited to release their 3rd studio album, Trouble Comes, on Halloween exclusively via AXS. The album is in the spirit of Halloween, with tracks like “Watch It Burn” and its gloomy rhythm, fuzzy guitar sounds, and ominous vocals. Trouble Comes is a showcase of Year Of October’s unique, edgy, soul-rock sound. “We like to take influences from all genres of music,” said Phlecia to AXS. Hailing from Nashville, Year Of October boasts a Nashville-rock vibe, but in their own grungy way.




​Soul/blues pop guitarist and rising star, Jackie Venson, is featured in “12 to Watch” on Tribeza Magazine!

It’s been a busy few years for blues musician Jackie Venson, the youngest of nine children, who studied classical piano at the Berklee College of Music. In 2014, she won the Belk Modern Southern Music competition, which led to other exciting opportunities, like being invited to sit in with Jon Batiste on a taping of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” and then opening 10 shows for Gary Clark Jr. Venson says: “The live-music scene is nearly unmatched, with very few cities that can compete. I love how there’s always a gig somewhere to be had.”

The alt-pop quartet Foreign Figures drop the danceable new single/video, “Heart of Gold”, in anticipation of their upcoming sophomore EP Overzealous.

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“Heart of Gold” is a hopeful track filled to the brim with harmonies that shed a light on frontman Eric Michels vocals. You can’t help but envision yourself dancing around in your room to this one, as the chorus swells and gets bigger and bigger, perhaps much bigger than the band anticipated. It’s steady chord progressions and sweet lyrics (Michels croons, “day turns to night / my words come to life / pass the painted lines / I cannot get you off my mind”) make it an honest contender for heartsick nights where you can’t wrap your head around just what went wrong.

Joelina Drews talks reality TV past and moving forward with her new pop-future bass sound with Golden Mixtape


With her dad a reality show figure, it wasn’t surprising when Joelina Drews found herself in that same position a couple of years ago. She notes that being a part of Stepping Out was full of “amazing experiences” but wants to look ahead. “I want to focus more on my musical career rather than TV appearances.”

Which is exactly what she’s doing. The German-born pop songstress is stunning audiences with her debut single, “Skybar.” Inspired by a night out in LA, she opened up about how her new home inspires her. Joelina also lets us know what’s up next and even gave us a little Oktoberfest.

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