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Danny Malone featured on MTV HIVE

There are a lot of sad songs built on minor-key acoustic guitar melodies, but fewer heartbreak anthems employ propulsive, shuffling rhythms, and fuzzy, electrofunk-style bass as a complement to their paeans of a busted relationship. Danny Malone’s “Spiderlegs” isn’t like most sad songs, though. “Heartbreak you can dance to” is a seldom-attempted goal, but it’s in effect here, and Malone is drawn to the idea because he’s a big fan of heartbreak.

“I guess I do sort of rejoice in sadness or despair,” Malone says. “I don’t necessarily dislike those feelings. They’re such interesting emotions, and seemingly deeper and more complex than the lighter ones. Why not celebrate feeling something so intense?” “Spiderlegs” is definitely a way to feel good about feeling bad, and when it sounds like this, there’s not much wrong with that.