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Antigone Rising in Billboard!



Most of you will recognize the cover of the April issue of Time Magazine which states “Gay Marriage Already Won. The Supreme Court Hasn’t Made up its Mind – but America Has.”  One of the women posing in the iconic photograph is none other than Antigone Rising’s Kristen Ellis-Henderson. Catch Billboard’s spotlight of the issue and the established all-female band HERE. 

Avidya and the Kleshas’ Debut Album on MSN Music


Jazz – folk group Avidya and the Kleshas have released their debut album today! Tree of Series mixes elements of jazz, folk, and experimental pop, and leads listeners in unexpected directions. Not for the faint of thought, the LP is an innovative listening experience, fraught with poetic lyrics and eleven tracks that take on ever-changing shapes. Stream the album in its entirety on MSN’s Listening Booth.