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Reggae-infused, R&B songstress/guitarist/Tongan dancer, Leilani Wolfgramm, discusses her dark past and hopeful future, that influence her new album Live Wire (out 2/23), with Psychology Today.

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From an early age, Leilani Wolfgramm knew something about herself – she naturally experienced very deep and dark emotions. “I’m prone to the sadness,” Wolfgramm told me. “I’m Scorpio through and through.

“I come alive in anything that’s dark for some reason.”

This self-described darkness manifested in ways that both harmed her personally but ultimately helped her artistically. Leilani Wolfgramm feels that she was born with an “addictive personality” which was marked by a strident perfectionism.

Soul pop guitarist/vocalist Jackie Venson is off to an exciting 2018. Today, she welcomes the premiere of her live video, “Transcends,” via Earmilk

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Soul pop guitarist/vocalist Jackie Venson is off to an exciting 2018. Today, she welcomes the premiere of her live video, “Transcends,” via Earmilk, who declares:  “With today’s modern rock overrun by formulaic pop-rock choruses, purposeless guitar solos, and desperate electronic bass integrations, Venson sets fire to the faux-rock sounds plaguing the airwaves.”

B-Sides and Badlands has premiered Matt Taelor’s brand new single “Everything” today, I’d love if we could get it shared on our socials!

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The line between “wrong and right” is a thin one, a tightrope routine, really. Many of us spend our entire lives struggling to differentiate between the two and often fall prey to our own vices, hurting the ones we love in the process. Matt Taelor summons upon this moral grey area for a new song called “Everything,” which mixes a hip-hop groove with classic rock riffs. “Can you hear the commotion lately? I can hear it loud. Nearly lost my mind trying to make ends meet,” he sings, opening the story as a struggling parent or other family member attempting to put food on the table. But his greatest fear soon comes to fruition, and he must make some hard choices, morally ambiguous ones at that, leaving him drained and even more dishonest.

Indie R&B/pop singer-songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist, Mia LJ releases her first collaboration, “Human x Love Bomb” with ArchrFox via Singersroom.


We took heed of Mia LJ’s creative talents when she released the music video for “Ambiguous,” a song that sees her pushing her sexuality to experimental territories.

Now, the emerging New York-based R&B/Pop artist returns with more stirring visuals, this time they’re included in a collaboration with ArchrFox called “Human x Love Bomb.”