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The Junkie Twins’ New Single, “Untitled Love Song,” is Premiering with Paste


“The idea for the song was written while I was living in Philadelphia. It’s about having a night out on the town and that feeling when you wake up the next morning in the hell of a massive hangover – a feeling us musicians know all too well.” Listen to “Untitled Love song” HERE! The track is from their new album, Push to Exit, out April 29th.

Rayvon Owen’s “Can’t Fight It” Exclusive On Huffington Post


According to Owen, “The inspiration for the lyrics and melody stems from a lot of places, but the major part is love and accepting/surrendering to who you love. I love all the new fans I made along my American Idol journey, and I am so excited to share more of my heart and my personal experiences with them.” Check it out HERE! The single is available for purchase on 2/12.